Saturday, January 31, 2009

What it's all about

I have grown to love Twitter and Facebook, but I don't like the texting-length restrictions on what can be written in an individual post, so here, I'm gonna post like I do on Twitter and Facebook, except at length. My other blogs are sort of journals of my movie-watching and other media-consuming, with a potential audience in mind of people who might be interested in the same stuff, but here, I'm just gonna be expressing myself, trivially and sometimes stupidly. I doubt I'll have much of an audience, and I may not keep this up very long, but it's been in my head for a few weeks now, and I imagine it will actually be more like an average non-political blog (here's what I'm doing or thinking today) than my other blogs.

Right now, I hate winter. It was 2 degrees above zero this morning, with lots of snow and ice all over the place--the view out our bedroom window is pictured. We've had a shitty week or two of weather here in central Ohio, and the thought of driving to and from work in ice and snow and slush ties my stomach in knots, so it's been a gut-wrenching time lately. Right now, it's up to 22 and sunny, with temps predicted to be in the 30s, even near 40, over the next day or so, but I know this rollercoaster won't end for at least another two months. Blechh. Or, as I have adapted Charles Schulz's phrase of queasy disgust, blick.