Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An afternoon walk

As my duties at the library have changed (reference alone, then ref and cataloging, then cataloging alone, then back to both, now back to cataloging), there has been one constant: my two 15-minute breaks are spent talking a quick walk with a colleague or two around the library neighborhood. This gives me exercise, allows a chance for debates about movies or TV shows (or the exchange of choice gossip), and once in a while, takes us past the Donut Kitchen for coffee or sweets. The other afternoon, I thought to take my camera along to document spring in the neighborhood. I am not a person of a horticultural bent so I have no idea what these trees, bushes and plants are called, I just know a lovely scene when I see one, so without further ado, our afternoon walk:

This last one relies on both the natural color of the tree and flowers, but also on the color of the dwelling behind:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Delicate spring morning

It's been much warmer than usual for early spring here in Central Ohio--a record-setting 83 degrees yesterday, same predicted for today--and as I like warm weather, I'm cherishing every warm morning because I know it will eventually go back to normal (tomorrow, rain and 50 degrees, so they say). On the way into work, I was struck by the lovely delicate blossoms of (what I'm told are) the flowering pear trees that line Cambridge Blvd. Realizing that with the storms coming in tonight, this sight might be gone tomorrow, I snapped a cell phone photo of the street as I was driving. It doesn't do justice to the reality of the trees, viewed at sunrise, but it'll have to do.