Friday, June 26, 2009

Somebody doesn't like Sara Lee

I originally meant this blog to be a place to post short remarks, observations, etc. of the kind I post to Facebook and Twitter, but longer than those services allow. In practice, this has become another place for me to run off at the mouth at length. I'm going to try and reclaim this place for short posts, or expansions of Facebook posts. So I'll start with this:

I'm on a vacation day today, so I walked down to Starbucks for my morning coffee, and on my way, I saw a Sara Lee truck with their age-old slogan on the side, "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee." I suddenly had an epiphany: I don't particularly like Sara Lee! This only means something if you know that I grew up in a Sara Lee household, having Sara Lee coffeecakes for breakfasts and Sara Lee pies for desserts. I liked them well enough when I was 8, but I don't think I've bought a Sara Lee product for myself in 30 years--maybe a couple of their streusel coffeecakes now and again, when I've had to entertain for breakfast. My 80-year-old mother would probably have a stroke if she read this (and she might, as she does have Internet access and occasionally glances at my Media Playroom blog), since she still loves Sara Lee. For myself, it's just a part of growing away from eating so many things frozen or boxed, and I guess that's good, but the taste of a Sara Lee product will still bring back fond childhood feelings--and when I'm at Mom's on Christmas morning, Sara Lee still provides our pre-present opening food.

Then, at Starbucks, I was entertained by hearing the most ludicrously superfluous conversation starter ever, spoken by a vacuous looking blonde female runner to her barista while waiting for her soy-free, fat-filled, dark/light mocha blobachino: "O My God, did you HEAR that Michael Jackson DIED yesterday?!?" His reply: "Uh, ... yeah." If she was flirting, she failed. Of course, I took a different tack when I said to him, "Nice shoulders--you been workin' out?" His reply: "Uh, ... yeah." [No, I didn't really say that, I just thought it, and even in my fantasy, he rejected me. I guess I'm too much of a monogomist to stray even in my idle fancies.]


  1. For years, until I saw that phrase written out, I thought the line was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee." Which I guess works, too. But yeah: nobody doesn't like Entenmann's; nobody doesn't like Krispy Kreme donuts; but I can take or leave Sara Lee.

  2. I recall being taunted in my early years with the epithet "Sara Lee". I hate her to this day.