Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My photo life

This blog hasn't quite turned out like I thought it would. I guess my thoughts that don't get an outlet on my classic movie or current media blogs aren't as interesting as I hoped. I'm not giving up it or anything, and I'll still keep posting whatever I feel like, but I think I will also use this as an outlet for some of my picture-taking (it's so amateurish and improvised, I can't even call it "photography").

A friend is using her blog to participate in a photo-a-day project on Flickr, which inspired me to use this blog to post photos. I take pictures in fits and spurts, so I could never really take a photo a day, or even post one a day out of my backlog of pictures. But I will start posting one or two as I feel the urge, sometimes arty expression, but more often simply documenting my surroundings. Like with the above picture of my library's newspaper archives (such as they are) up in what we call the "balcony," or the below picture showing an aisle in the balcony . Some of these will undoubtedly duplicate my Flickr photostream and Facebook postings, but if you're upset about that, I'll give you back your admission fee.

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