Thursday, January 21, 2010

New desk!

In preparation for becoming Head of Cataloging (that is, Head of Myself) in April, I now have a new cubicle/desk area, twice as big as my old one. It only took me a couple of hours to trash the place up with all my cluttery stuff, which I'm sure you're dying to see. First, a view of my area as you enter from the Tech Services front door:

A closer view:

One of the things I'm happiest about: room for a DVD movie-rating sticker dispenser, so I don't have to keep the sticker rolls in a messy drawer anymore. Also note the 4-Way nasal spray (at bottom left), to which I am addicted. Luckily, it is my only current substance abuse problem:

Pictures of friends, family, our late kitty Dodger, my new flourescent light, and a window view for a change:

Top shelf: what I cataloged this morning; bottom shelf: what I'll catalog this afternoon:

Finally, my computer screen, with Harpo Bear peeking around at upper left:

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  1. Hey! Congrats on your promotion AND your new desk! Glad to see you're taking all your fun crap with you to your new space. Enjoy.