Sunday, March 1, 2009

Being a hero is so complicated

At Hero Factory, you can make your own superhero by choosing a variety of faces, bodies, costume parts, etc., and you get a finished comic book cover with your hero in full heroic stance. I was a huge comic book fan in my youth, but fell away from the fold in late high school. I am most emphatically not a fan of the recent rash of superhero movies (though I don't the mind the X-Men films, and I'm a fan of the Fantastic Four films thanks mostly to the yummy Chris Evans playing the Human Torch). Still, I have fond memories of my Silver-Age superhero fandom, so when a friend pointed out this site, I went there to become my own Silver Surfer or Aquaman or Dr. Strange.

The site is fun, though sadly there are some things you can't control. When you go to choose your power, you can only pick from physical manifestations, like weapons or animal sidekicks, you can't actually pick a power. You can control the color for some things but not others. Worst of all, you can't pick your own name. I generally like my hero, and love the wings but not the green color of the wings. I also hate my name, the Fancy Fluttering Butterfly. My first choice had a lightsaber, but it called me a "Jedi," and I didn't really want to be that. So I'm a freakin' butterfly. Hey, The Freakin' Butterfly would be better than the Fancy Fluttering one.


  1. I think you might be able to change the color of the wings -- at least, I was able to change the colors of the Splintery Splinter's outfit, having decided not to opt for wings.

  2. I went through a few different colors for the outfit, but the wings never changed, and the same for when I changed colors for the "extras." But it is entirely possible I missed something. Well, it's done, and I'm getting used to the green wings now. I might frighten bad guys with my odd color sense.