Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another snow day

Today, February 9th, we got hit by another snowstorm. As I write, it's been going in for a few hours, but snow is supposed to continue to fall through the day into the night, with 5-8 inches forecast. Luckily, I had already scheduled a comp day off today (for Martin Luther King Day) so I can once again enjoy the snow as a spectator. After I came back from a grocery run, I went back out and snapped a few pictures. Above, the mailbox at 2042 with snow piling up. Below, a wall of snow piled up from the parking lot plowing of a few days ago. It's iced up and gotten dirty, but I imagine there will be more snow added to that soon.

Below, a view of snow on low-hanging branches that looked so pretty in "real life," but didn't translate that well from the camera.

Patterns in trees:

A row of townhouse back yards:

Around a corner:

Finally, my steps in the semi-virgin snow as I head back home:

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