Saturday, February 6, 2010

February snow day

Yesterday, February 5th, we got a good-sized snowstorm, dumping between 6-10 inches in the Central Ohio area. At 7 a.m. as I headed into work, the streets were dry and the air was clear and it was 35 degrees. The snow started to fall mid-morning and fell big and thick for the rest of the day. Though the library didn't close early, I took a couple of comp hours, skipped lunch, and left around 2:00. The following pix were taken from the snug comfort of my home. First, the view outside our front door:

Those clear tire paths in the snow did not remain that way for too much longer. Next, the view outside our back door:

From our bedroom balcony window, looking down at the base of the tree in the corner of our "yard" (small fenced-in patch of land):

The heavy snow-covered tree branches feet away from the balcony sliding-glass door:

Finally, opening the balcony door and craning out a bit to the east, for a view of the parking lot (which eventually got plowed--kinda):

I'd be nice to think I'll get ambitious and stroll about the neighborhood taking pictures--the bare trees do look nice with snow draped on them--but the reality is that, after a little shoveling, I'll probably spend the rest of the day inside!

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