Sunday, February 1, 2009

First brunch of the New Depression

We went to brunch today at a Nice Restaurant which seems to have fallen on hard-ish times. Though the food was good (I especially liked my Mimosa and my veggies, a mix of wax beans, other beans, and corn), the waitress was somewhat less attentive than usual. The place was less crowded than I remember it being in the past. And a strange man was sitting (or swaying with his ass bumping back and forth across the seat of a stool) at the head of the brunch line. His face was indistinct, like in one of those stupid movies that used rotoscope animation over live action (A Scanner Darkly), but I think his hair was dirty and his eyes were crazy. Someone in our party thought he was a "hobo of the New Depression," but he kept asking people if they were getting enough to eat, telling unfinished jokes, and suggesting that customers get omlettes from the Omlette Man. I think he worked there.

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