Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A great sensory experience

An article in New York magazine surveys a handful of chefs and restaurant workers about their opinion on Gov. Paterson's proposed 18% sales tax on non-diet soft drinks. Yes, this would probably be the first "sin tax" that would directly affect me (if I lived in New York), so of course I'm against it, but mostly I loved this quote from restaurant owner Gabrielle Hamilton:

"A well-timed ice-cold Coca-Cola is one of life’s greatest taste and sensory experiences: the way it makes your eyes sting and tear up, and the back of your throat gets that chalky moment as good or better even than some of the highest tannins in a big red wine, and then the full sugar and caffeine rush that completely cures what ails you. I’m not saying every day and I’m not saying three a day. I mean one perfectly placed Coke in your week."

But one a week?? Jesus, I'm no Superman (or depending on your religion, "Superman, I'm no Jesus!); there's no way I could limit myself to one a week. I have cut back from my glory days of 3 or 4 a day, to maybe 1 a day (and I sometimes try to leave some of the can to pour down the drain), but 1 a week? I might as well just wear sackcloth and go barefoot. (Let me also recommend a nice 3 or 4 shots of vanilla syrup with the fizzy elixir!)

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